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Storify for the Enterprise

Developing an enterprise content creation platform for publishers and readers


Storify for the enterprise

Design Lead UX/UI, Product Manager Bo Hee Kim, Engineering Lead Devon Govett, created at Livefyre, 2015


Storify was a popular consumer publishing tool which gave users the ability to search and embed social media from across the web to create personal, digital narratives.

When Livefyre acquired Storify, our enterprise customers began adopting the tool for to capture breaking news and live events. These large scale companies had many customization and workflow needs. My role was to take this popular consumer tool and create an enterprise version attuned to the needs of Livefyre's business customers including marketers and publishers.  

We built content creation software that enables publishing teams to collaborate with each other in a centralized place to create real-time stories and live blogs. Publishers can easily find and add social media from across the web while a team of editors, journalists, photographers and community managers simultaneously update, review and publish content. View website


Key problems

We talked with some of Livefyre's most renowned clients within the publishing industry – Mashable, CNN, CBS, Sky News, IGN – to gather industry insights and better understand what it is really like to report on breaking news. 


  • Storytelling in its creation, dissemination & consumption is a social experience
  • News teams are relying on makeshift workflows & rigid tools
  • Speed & accuracy are the publishers' highest priorities
  • Stories evolve & take shape over time
  • Publishers want to personalize stories & spark conversations by including user generated content
  • Live Blogs often lack context & significance for readers
  • Readers are looking for a balance of credible reporting & social media content


Mapping the publishing team workflows observed during the research

To create a story quickly and efficiently, publishing teams need all of the tools and content in one place. The interface needed to be a collaborative workplace containing all of the existing tools.




Interaction with the tool supports the natural process of creating

Sketching workflows evolved into exploring interaction models optimized for speed and meant to emulate the flexibility and evolution of story writing. Explorations included wireframes and a 75-page clickable prototype that we took back to our publishing teams to for feedback on overall usability. Drag and drop, WYSIWYG editor, and inline editing make it easy to change content and reorder posts so exploration is easy. This interaction model enables iteration and creativity. See more wireframes


Creating a story

Reading a story